About Us

Our Story

MAG is a trade and investment company Headquartered in Egypt and Sudan with Offices in the GCC and throughout the Region.

Al Abbas led the way in ground freight transportation and logistics in Africa since it started in 1997. In 2011 we expanded our expertise and services to include commodity trade and investment, which today has solidified into our main business practices. Mag has evolved to be able to provide all three components into its daily business services.

Our Mandate


Our Vision is to provide excellent transportation and trade services to our clients and to be one of the leading transportation, trade, and investment services in Africa.


Our mission is to provide the most efficient and reliable trade services in Africa as well as provide bespoke transportation and logistics solutions for our clients. Our competitive advantage is always meeting our client’s expectations. Our aim is to promote a more self-sufficient Africa.

Our Timeline


We started one of the leading transportation and logistics companies in Africa and the Middle East. We provided services to governments and leading industry leaders.


Our business profile expanded to include the trade of strategic commodities including food stuff, construction materials, fertilizers and much more.


In an effort to expand intra-African trade and to support Africa's achievement of the SGDs, we expanded our investment portfolio to include renewable energy infrastructure, and other important development projects.

Our Services

We provide a number of important services to help your business meet its needs.

Ground Transportaion
Ground Transportation

Al Abbas has maintained a strong presence in the region for more than 20 years, with 3 branches now in Egypt, serving our main markets of Pan-Africa and Middle East. Our fleet of 200 company-owned premium trucks are on standby with a large capacity of storage and a variety of sizes to deliver cargo every day in more than 5 countries, allowing us to securely and promptly deliver our shipments to their destination.

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MAG is one of the leading companies providing ground transportation and logistics services from Egypt to Sudan, the West Bank, Libya, and through Sudan to many countries in East, and Central African countries, including Chad, Uganda. South Sudan. Eritrea, and Ethiopia. The company trades in and provides ground transportation for many commodities and products.

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MAG unveils the third component of our expansion by introducing our Investment Services. We have already began investing in an array of investment opportunities including Solar Energy, World Infrastructures, and other Sustainability projects. All of these projects have flourished and has led us to continue exploring other Investment opportunities that can further the collective progress of all. We are excited to explore the boundless industries to see how MAG can invest in what matters most. Invest in our commitment and we will invest in yours.

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Chairman’s Word

We began our long and rewarding journey in 1997 and quickly became one of the leading transportation and logistics companies in Africa and the Middle East. We have provided our services to governments and top industry leaders.

A decade later we expanded our business activities to include trade and ever since, we are leading the way in intra-African trade by importing and exporting strategic and essential products to and from Africa and the MENA region.

Today, we have expanded our business further to include investments in major renewable energy and sustainable development projects like the construction of important roadways connecting Egypt to Sudan and strategic infrastructure projects in Africa. Our mission is to be your reliable partner in Africa and to provide real solutions to all your business needs.